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Let's update your sales systems, stay organized and see profits.

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Your Android Powered Cash Register

A smart currency converter cashier for the shop, with powerful management solutions for the back office.

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Quid POS is the daily go-to tool for independent shop owners.

Let's boost business together so you can focus on what you do best...

  • “We worked closely with the Quid POS team to customize features for our specific needs when we launched our first franchise in Spain. They have excellent support and understand entrepreneurs."

    Peggy Hsu, Manager of T4 & Run Run Chicken, Madrid

  • "We've been using Quid POS to track our handmade Tshirt inventory and sales for years. The insightful data is invaluable. I now have more time for designing and silk screening"

    Liss, partner manager, Pancho Vida, San Pancho, Mexico

  • I can easily manage my business on the go with Quid POS from my Jeep. I'm on the road most of the day, so the offline capabilities allows me to keep my customers happy, even in the jungle!"

    Jorge Moreno, owner operator Nayarit Uncovered, Mexico

Our Global Integrations

Your Operations Software - Simplified.

Make data-driven decisions with Quid POS. You can't afford to do business without it.

  • No commitment, no transaction processing fees.
  • Reduce back office paperwork through automation.
  • Fine tune your profits with detailed reporting.
  • Get insights to organize your inventory.
  • Confidently sell globally with immediate conversion calculations.
  • Grow your customer database sending digital receipts.
  • Simply integrate payment gateways including credit cards and crypto-currencies.

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