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Quid POS System Features

Quid POS features tons of simple yet powerful tools — customizable for your small business.

Android Point of Sale and Web App

Point of Sale

Choosing Quid POS means smarter merchant solutions for your business.
Quid point of sale

Today’s modern “Point of Sale” has evolved to something more than just the point of purchase at the cash register. It is an all-encompassing system of POS features enabling proprietors to orchestrate the entire business from product suppliers to repeat best customers — with sales somewhere in the middle. As mobile control continues to grow with devices in our hands, you now have the luxury of business at your fingertips from anywhere, at anytime.

Clarity and confidence you can only get from a smart POS system features — let us help you follow the data to keep increasing profits! Read more: 7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Point of Sale System

Cashier Dashboard

With a user-friendly interface, your cashiers will be quickly making sales easily for a great customer experience.
POS system features cashier dashboard

Quid POS features include multiple cashier views for customizable options — whether your preference is seeing lists or images of inventory, or viewing items by category or popularity — finding the right product fast is made simple. Our innovative currency converter register is a cloud-based POS feature accessible from the convenience of a mobile device or comfort of a computer.

Creating quick tickets can even be made by scanning barcodes! Choose to build invoices or keep multiple tickets open with customer tracking and emailing options. The checkout feature is flexible allowing for discounts, tips, delivery charges, adjustments and more.

Everything a simple and powerful merchant POS system needs to be — at your fingertips. 

Inventory Management

Quid POS inventory management feature
  • Types / Categories

    Quid POS features include a helpful category builder that assists in organizing items by type. This is crucial for managing product from suppliers to sales so inventory tracks smoothly.

  • Import Inventory

    The heart of your business is product, and managing inventory is vital to success. Get started quickly today by utilizing our easy import inventory tool.

  • Customizable

    With smart options for distinguishing items, Quid POS give your inventory flexibility. Add modifiers to special products. Associate commissions to items for suppliers or sales associates. Track delivery and shipping fees.  

  • Suppliers

    No more hassle with tracking orders and receiving inventory from suppliers. The Quid POS inventory system handles the flow for you — from purchase orders to sales.

  • Reporting

    Detailed inventory reporting is essential. With this POS system feature, you and your team will stay insightful by fine tuning products to increase profits. It's all about the data!

  • Inventory Count

    Complicated tasks like counting inventory become easy with the help of the intuitive “physical inventory” platform — you may even choose to do this conveniently from a mobile device!

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Team Administration

You don’t have to do it all on your own — consider Quid POS part of your team!
Quid POS team builder

With the Quid POS team builder tool you can easily assign permissions to different employee roles — from bartenders to cashiers — providing flexibility and control to your staff, and helping get business done right each day.

  • Choose customizable options such as associating commissions to individual sales staff.
  • Utilize a quick “Swap” feature so employees can easily login/out with a secure 4-digit PIN.
  • A convenient “Punch Clock” helps keep track of activity even when you’re away from the shop.

The team member Quid POS feature add-on provides trust in your team and gives you the confidence to succeed and grow.


From employee activity to supplier costs, stay in the know with Quid POS reports.
Quid POS reporting feature

This is a major reward for using the Quid POS system — the insightful data. Without true reporting on sales and inventory, you are just making assumptions. Quid POS takes out the guesswork and replaces it with clarity to make informed decisions.

Understand your customer’s choices, see the trends during busy hours and days of the week, learn the top performing inventory items. It's all about the data!

Payment Gateways

Unlike other “Point of Sale” systems that really are selling their proprietary payment processor services for a cut of the action, Quid POS features include the flexibility for you and your customers to choose multiple payment options.

Quid POS partner stripe
Quid POS partner square
Quid POS partner coinbase
Quid POS partner paypal
Don’t lose a sale because you can’t accept a payment — give your customers the freedom to pay any way.

From competitive credit card processors to cutting edge digital wallets, Quid POS opens the gateways to the future of payments.

In today’s quickly changing economy, it's important to have choices. Quid POS partners with trusted regional cryptocurrency exchanges so that you may offer your tech savvy customers new ways to pay — without risk.

Hardware Solutions

Customize the perfect hardware setup for your shop and watch business boom!
  • All-In-One Tablet, Cash Drawer & Printer

    We pride ourselves on the partnerships we’ve created with industry leaders in POS hardware. Leave the research to us! We are here to help build the right merchant solutions for your business. From cash drawers and barcode scanners, printers and touch screens, we’ve got the right fit for your shop. Easily generate an online cash register with this Point of Sale app and see your retail business grow. Customize the perfect hardware setup with Quid POS for your shop and watch your business grow.
  • Receipt and Order Printers

    Best-in-class receipt and order printers are integrated in Quid POS to complete your customized point of sale system. Choose from commercial grade hardware that will keep up with your busy shop. For paper receipts, tickets and customer bills or labels for inventory or staff orders, we have a solution just for your business.
  • All-In-One Tablet, Cash Drawer & Printer
  • Receipt and Order Printers

Customer Relations

Let us help you develop small business loyalty in your community!

small business loyalty


Without customers, you're not in business. Staying connected in this digital age is essential to success for all types of service businesses and retail shops. Quid POS features the tools you need to keep in touch, from emailing invoices to associating each sale to your customer database. You’ll always be in the know of your best customer’s favorite buys to keep them coming back for more.

Add-On Quid POS Features — NEW for 2020!

Pay only for what your business needs — smart.
Quid POS add-on pricing

Quid POS has an awesome core product and will be offering one consolidated subscription plan for 2020. But since one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, we’ve created an à la carte menu to help our smart vendors grow at a comfortable pace.

With a “pay for what you need” design, businesses may choose
Add-On POS system features such as Online Store, Reservations, Team Members and Multiple Registers. These budget-friendly options are available at any time with no commitment, just “add-on” to create your customized system!

The smart choice for any small retail shop or service business looking for affordable POS solutions.