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Grassroots Projects

Engage alongside our exciting journey as we introduce Quid POS to Smart Vendors around the world.

Micro Business Grassroots Projects by Quid POS

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PEACE Punta de Mita

We had the opportunity to live, work and volunteer in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Inspired by meeting PEACE's executive director, Cecilia Paredes, we aim to be involved in the education program by teaching the computer skills necessary to further student education and careers as well as for their personal benefit and enjoyment, thereby furthering PEACE's objective to introduce students and adults to computers

PEACE creates programs designed on the principle of “a hand-up, not a hand-out” as a way influence ongoing social change within the local villages. The majority of villagers are under-educated, relatively poor, and have limited employability scope. PEACE recognized the best chance for success would be to invest in the younger generation from kindergarten to high school. The best chance to effect lasting change is to have a longer view with long-term objectives, focusing on youth education — and that is the basis of all PEACE programs. We proudly support their mission and similar micro business grassroots projects.

Human Connections

Working with local businesses through the Human Connections program and teaching a workshop on business growth through the use of digital tools and enabling technologies like QuidPOS is rewarding for all.

Human Connections is a social enterprise that provides social education through travel. Through educational tours, seminars, and internships in Mexico, they bring together international travelers and local Mexican entrepreneurs to share in cultural and personal exchange.

Human Connections is a non-profit organization that connects local people with international audiences. The program fosters real connections that are transformative, rewarding and have lasting social impact, and the experiences channel resources into local communities while giving visitors a deeper understanding of Mexico.


innovating pos | Quid POS | multi-currency point of sale