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Human Connections Learning Experience - Quid POS Smart Vendor -

Grassroots in Mexico

We had the opportunity to participate in an educational tour with the non-profit organization, Human Connections in Bucerias, Mexico. A true learning experience for everyone. They offer small groups of travelers a chance to visit and engage with local artisans and merchants in non-touristy neighborhoods. A dive into culture. An interaction with the locals in a way you would not get to do on the beaten path.

Synergy ~

Like Human Connections, Quid POS initiatives aim to have a positive impact on local merchants. Through the introduction of enabling technologies we offer a hand-up to empower smart vendors. Therefore, we of course were interested in participating because of the synergy between our projects. Their tour was a wonderful way to gain deeper insight into the lives of the locals. We would see first hand how they conduct their business. We valued this learning experience opportunity to understand how we can better server our customers.

Pottery Painters ~

The first visit of our three artisan tour was at the home of pottery painters Francisco and Marina Leonides. A lovely couple who had moved from Guerrero, Mexico to work and raise their family in Bucerias. The Mexican state of Guerrero is known for their special clay with which this pottery is made. The Leonides receive their raw pottery from their home state, and apply their brightly colored, painted designs. They then sell their finished products in the tourist markets.

Human Connections Smart Vendor


Learning Experience ~

We engaged with the Leonides, learning about their process and story. We even had the chance to try our hand at painting the pottery. And finally, of course we picked out some beautiful objects for purchase to take home as a souvenir. It was then when we were faced once again with the “Aha” moment for Quid POS. Francisco was calculating the items using pen and paper and trying to convert the total amount due into US dollars from his native Mexican pesos. He knows this is helpful to tourists for a sense of reference. But this process was confusing and difficult, even with a calculator.
Therefore, we took this opportunity to demonstrate the Quid POS Android app. In minutes we showed them how they could easily enter each item on the “Register.” And most importantly, how automatically the currency converter calculates the totals in 3 different currencies of choice at once. This eliminated an estimated conversion. Instead a transparent, trusted, transaction was offered to both vendor and customer.

Empowering Merchants ~

Excited at the prospect of simplifying their checkout process, their daughter immediately downloaded Quid POS on her phone. Because it is also available in Spanish and 5 other languages, the setup was quick and intuitive. With the full feature free version, they now had the power of a professional point of sale at their fingertips, with ability to easily transact in MXN, USD and CAD. The Leonides family could now precisely conduct their business anywhere, anytime. The moment was truly rewarding for all of us. The idea that our merchant tool can help to empower a micro-entrepreneur is gratifying and continues to fuel our efforts.

Human Connections Learning Experience - Quid POS Smart Vendor -


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