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Cool Car Rentals

Featured here is Miles, owner of Cool Car Rentals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – PVCoolRentals.com He is a Smart Vendor who understands the value in offering what his customers want – cool car rentals for a fair price. We had the opportunity to first meet Miles because we were one of his customers looking to rent a fun ride. We were eager to explore the Puerto Vallarta area and needed some wheels to do so. Being the car enthusiasts that we are, we were attracted to the fleet of cool car rentals Miles had to choose from in front of his shop.

Cool Car Rentals


Orange Eclipse ~

After a fun day on the road, we returned the cool rental and talked shop with Miles. He spoke with pride about how he has grown his business over the years servicing his customers from all over the world. Mainly, visitors from the United States and Canada. And like the other merchants in this popular tourist destination, he accommodates them by calculating their invoice in their native currency from the Mexican peso. A process that involves keeping a currency exchange website open for obtaining real-time rates on his computer. And furthermore, then comparing those to the bank exchange rates posted on a sign across the street. These are both taken into account to provide his customers with competitive rates.
So of course we took the time to show Miles the advantages for him to use the Quid point of sale system for his business. The built-in currency converter eliminates the need for his tedious exchange process. The software also delivers the transparency he wants to provide to his customers. Immediately he recognized the benefit in using this merchant tool.

A Smart Vendor is Born

We worked with Miles to provide him, and other smart vendors, more solutions for efficiently managing business. It was then that we saw the need to build our interactive rate board. Inventory control, customer tracking, reporting and real-time reservations are all tools merchants can use to increase their productivity. These integrations continue to be developed in Quid point of sale giving smart vendors like Miles more time to focus on what he does best – cool car rentals. This is why talking to customers is so valuable. We can all gain better insight for fine tuning products and services that people want.

Cool Car Rentals

is not only our go-to merchant when we are in need of a car rental in Puerto Vallarta, but also a valued Quid Smart Vendor. Please visit Miles next time you are in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy a fun day driving one of his cool cars, motorbikes or off-road vehicles. And tell him we said “Hola!”

Miles at Cool Car Rentals


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