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Accept Bitcoin

Watch a Merchant Easily Accept Bitcoin

As we move quickly towards the future of digital payments, merchants don’t want to have to turn away customers because they are not equipped to accept a payment. Bitcoin as a payment mechanism is quick, easy and secure. There are many tools to help merchants accept bitcoin in exchange for their goods and services. This short video demonstrates how a merchant can accept bitcoin using the Quid Smart Vendor point of sale Android app to process and track the transaction.

Watch the Accept Bitcoin Video

You can see how the merchant first enters inventory items on the register. Then after confirming the entries on the ticket, the checkout screen allows the merchant to choose the “amount received” to be bitcoin, or BTC. Next, with the click of a button, a QR code is displayed. This QR code is then presented to the customer so that they may scan it to make an exact payment with their smart phone. The transaction quickly confirms as “Paid.” Here, the merchant is also provided with confidence to accept bitcoin. A percentage value of assurance is displayed validating the transaction will confirm on the blockchain. The merchant can continue to monitor the transaction. Of course a receipt may then be shared digitally via a choice of services. Email, text, or any other messaging apps both parties may have are supported.

The Future is Here.

Today, the idea to accept bitcoin may seem like a nascent technology and cutting edge. But we will soon be finding ourselves using a variety of digital payment methods for buying and selling goods and services. You may be too young to remember the days when communicating with email seemed ridiculous. Why use email when nobody else did this? In the same way that technology changed the way we communicate, so it will be for new methods to change the way we pay.

Accept Bitcoin


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