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Transforming the Future of Point of Sale

A creative approach to innovating POS
merchant solutions for small business

Technology Inspired by Passion

The world is complex but your POS solution doesn't have to be

Designed by entrepreneurs in the small business software industry who were frustrated by legacy POS systems that are slow, expensive and hard to learn. Partners in business and love, with a passion for travel, the founders know firsthand that shopping in a foreign currency makes buyers hesitate before purchasing. Their enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology and innovating POS has always kept Quid POS on the forefront of merchant solutions development and ultimately led to pioneering the bitcoin point of sale space in 2014.

That’s why Quid Systems is innovating POS built on three primary principles:
simplicity - transparency - innovation

We Strive to Make Selling Easy for Everyone

Our professional backgrounds and personal interests have formed a strategic foresight on the future of money and influenced the initiative to build a better cash register for merchants around the world.

innovating pos | Quid POS | multi-currency point of sale

Empowering Merchants

Simplified Tech for Indie Retailers

Small business owners need smart and actionable insights so they can make profitable and timely decisions. Automating day-to-day operations can simplify the workload so busy entrepreneurs can get back to doing what they enjoy most — the passion that inspired their business in the first place.

Everyone wants "Quid Pro Quo"

Ready for Clarity

For traveling shoppers, looking at a foreign currency is confusing and makes it hard to buy confidently. Now international customers can purchase from a trusted merchant who uses Quid POS to provide a transparent transaction with multi-currency support. Displaying in real time the price of an item in both the local currency and foreign currencies is reassuring so customers spend more.

innovating pos | Quid POS | multi-currency point of sale

Ready for the Future of Payments

Innovative Exchange and Currency Conversion

Payment technology changes quickly, and we believe in giving customers choice at the point of sale. It is only a matter of time before your business will need to accept digital payments. We’ve been innovating POS and leading the way for years by introducing the first point of sale with integrated bitcoin and crypto currency payment gateways from industry leaders. Is your business ready to accept the future of payments and the wave of new customers it will bring? 

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