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Be the exchange

Be the X-change

We believe that education in economic literacy and enabling technologies empower entrepreneurial success in developing countries. Access to a smartphone, tablet or computer provides true potential to bring economic gain to small vendors in emerging markets. We envision the “one-for-one” business model providing low/no cost solutions for our low-income users. A lucrative business owner can utilize the premium versions of our system. In turn she can fund the micro-entrepreneur who perhaps could not afford the same tool-set. Because we support low level Android devices, our users do not require new investment into hardware to utilize the benefits of our system. The continued growth of affordable smartphone and tablet penetration will bring an increase in awareness among small sellers of the benefits of accepting mobile money thereby promoting adoption and widespread economic inclusion.


A rapid growth of merchants from over 25 countries on 6 continents have begun to use our point-of sale (POS) solution and can now choose to accept various methods of payment at their customers’ request. A Kenyan vendor can sell a quart of milk to his neighbor for M-Pesa. But now, he also can return any change due in Kenyan shillings for a fair and agreed exchange rate. An Indian migrant worker in the USA sends remittances to his mother using bitcoin. And she can then buy a sari from a trusted local merchant using that virtual currency. And furthermore, can cash-out any extra into mobile network money of her choice. Or a micro-entrepreneur in Bali can sell coffee to a tourist with a credit card using a chosen payment network. Additionally, providing change due in local currency for a competitive premium.

Empower Entrepreneurial Success

As the landscape of mobile monies evolve so does the need for a friction-less exchange between them.  Interoperability between payment platforms becomes necessary to close the loop and keep the value within the system. Quid point of sale provides a “Smart Vendor” the opportunity to become the solution in the last mile equation. A tool to empower entrepreneurial success. Several payment gateways have been integrated into Quid point of sale (POS) and we intend to continue adding more as demand and resources determine. Our solution enables a merchant to not only sell goods and services, but also to become a transparent liquidity provider. Therefore, perhaps disrupting the exchange paradigm.

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