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preferred payment methods make your standout in the marketplace

Standout in the Marketplace

Perhaps one of the best ways to attract customers to your business away from your competition, is by offering them the option to use their preferred payment methods. I know that I choose to shop in places where it is most convenient for me to do so.
How quick is it to checkout online at Amazon?
How easy is it to buy farmer’s veggies at a mobile stall using Square?
How convenient is it to buy from a vendor that only accepts cash?
Not very.

Offer preferred payment methods

to your customers and they will choose to spend with you – because they can. Your business not only should offer the best selection of products and services, but a choice of preferred payment methods as well.

Check out all the digital payment options your business can accept through the QuidPOS Smart Vendor web app today. Our payment gateways feature is always expanding:

  • With a real time currency converter built into the register, you can provide a reference for your international customers in their native currency.
  • Exchange in cash with transparency.
  • Use your merchant services to accept credit cards.
  • Connect your Square account to transact with credit cards anywhere.
  • Provide Paypal as a payment option.
  • Utilize your Stripe account for eCommerce.
  • Accept any cryptocurrency like bitcoin and altcoins – which can immediately be transferred into your currency of choice.

Be flexible, your customer is King!

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