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Simplify Work & Increase Productivity

If you are a smart vendor, your work is your passion. But even the passionate need to find a happy balance in their life and work. One way to do this is to utilize tools that help you be efficient with your work. The goal is to maximize your time and increase productivity so that you can be more profitable and focus on what you do best.

Perhaps You Are a Baker?

Everyone loves your secret recipe chocolate chip cookies. You would bake a batch and then go to enjoy one and find them missing from the cookie jar. You suspected that the cookie monsters were your roommates. Then, your friends and family encouraged you to sell the cookies. You started green as a merchant in your local farmers market. The cookies were gone before the market closed! A local cafe wanted to start selling your famous cookies in their shop. A business was born.

Making Fresh Tortillas


Now the Growth Begins

Hiring help to fulfill the orders. Selling the cookies to pay for the help. Managing the accounting of costs and sales. You have become a small business owner. An entrepreneur. How do you do all of this and still continue to enjoy the baker in you? It is a difficult path. A fine balance between doing what you love and managing everything else that comes along with it to be successful. Are you a baker, or are you a business manager?

Increase Productivity

There are many tools that you use in your business to help you work more efficiently. As a baker, perhaps you upgraded to an industrial mixer for the cookie dough. You consider your secret ingredient to be the competitive edge in the cookie industry. And you have found that using Quid point of sale on your Android mobile device to be the tool that helps account for the sales success at the market. It is the simple, intuitive solution for a mobile merchant like you. Accepting any form of payment, anywhere, has now become easy. Your customers can choose to pay with cash, or credit card or use a digital payment service like Paypal, Stripe or Square. Choice and flexibility have helped increase productivity, and sales.

Work Smarter

On the go, or back to your desk, all of your transaction data is available through Quid POS. Transparent reporting, takes the guesswork out of the accounting. Inventory adjustments are simplified. Profit and loss statements are at your fingertips. Information about all of your customers makes it easy to stay connected. Quid POS enables you with powerful, yet simple software to keep track of business so you can focus on what you do best, your passion.

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