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Be the exchange

Be the X-change

We believe that education in economic literacy and enabling technologies empower entrepreneurial success in developing countries. Access to a smartphone, tablet or computer provides true potential to bring economic gain to small vendors in emerging markets. We envision the “one-for-one” business model providing low/no cost solutions for our low-income users. A lucrative business owner can utilize the premium versions of our system. In turn she can fund the micro-entrepreneur who perhaps could not afford the same tool-set. Because we support low level Android devices, our users do not require new investment into hardware to utilize the benefits of our system.

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Human Connections Learning Experience - Quid POS Smart Vendor -

Grassroots in Mexico

We had the opportunity to participate in an educational tour with the non-profit organization, Human Connections in Bucerias, Mexico. A true learning experience for everyone. They offer small groups of travelers a chance to visit and engage with local artisans and merchants in non-touristy neighborhoods. A dive into culture. An interaction with the locals in a way you would not get to do on the beaten path.

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