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Quid POS Inventory
Management System

Efficiency in stock will increase your profits and set you ahead of your competition.

Easily fine tune supply chain from point of origin to point of sale with the Quid POS Inventory Management system

Customize Your Stock

Quid POS is the perfect inventory management system for small shops. Successful business owners know smart tools optimize work and cutting edge technology keeps you ahead of the competition.

POS Inventory Management system

Quid POS has a helpful category builder which organizes items by type. This feature is crucial for managing product from suppliers to sales, so inventory tracks smoothly.


Go deeper and create a detailed modifiers menu for your cashiers - from the perfect hamburger builder to cocktail mixers or specialized spa treatments.


Your staff needs to find what they are looking for quickly during the checkout process. Don’t let customers walk away without your product. Keep on selling with an organized inventory.

Import Inventory – Let Us Help

With Quid POS on your team, stock management is made simple.

Product is the heart of your business, and managing inventory is vital to success. Get started today and quickly gain control by utilizing our easy import inventory tool.

Need help? Reach out to us and we’ll assist to build your customized inventory with our team of experts.

Instantaneously knowing what is selling fastest and what needs to be restocked keeps your business ahead of the curve.

Quid POS Inventory Management system | multi-currency point of sale

Connect Your Suppliers to Your Stock

Save time ordering with an automated connection of items to suppliers. This is how better business gets done.

POS Inventory Management system for small businesses
  • Eliminate the hassle of tracking purchase orders and receiving inventory items from suppliers.
  • Streamline workload using the integrated inventory system.
  • From suppliers to sales, Quid POS handles the flow for you.
  • Stock comes in, sales go out, revenue grows!
innovating pos | Quid POS | multi-currency point of sale

Customizable & Flexible
POS Inventory Managetment System for Your Business

Gain time and productivity with stock control. Stay ahead of competitors with a smarter inventory system.

Retail - from handmade jewelry shops and bespoke boutiques to trendy electronics and vape gear, we’ve got your independent store covered.

Service - in the shop or on the go, your service business sells time. Whether tracking massage tables in use or filled car service bays, Quid POS can account for the status of each item, for quicker turnaround and more clients.

Hospitality - QSR (quick service restaurants) are all the rage, from cafes to bars and food trucks. Quid POS lets you work hands-on in your dream business by cutting office work dramatically.

Reporting for Invaluable Insights

Save time and money with detailed inventory reporting. With this POS system feature, you and your team will be able to stay on top of profits by fine tuning products. It’s all about the data!

  1. Immediately see your best performing inventory items, or trends for top days of the week with easy, insight reports.
  2. Transactions reports are sortable by inventory, type/category, or modifiers to keep you in the know without being in front of the register.
  3. Never miss a sale! Alerts about inventory stock status or physical difference reports will keep your shelves supplied for all customers.
  4. Rewarding your top performers will motivate them and increase profits. Quid POS offers commissions by supplier, referrer or team members.!

Successful entrepreneurs find and fix costly gaps, as well as motivate referrals and commissions. Optimize your resources.

innovating pos | Quid POS | multi-currency point of sale

Physical Inventory Counts Made Easy

This cutting edge technology will leave your competition in the dust.

Hands and minds buried in inventory do not get sales made. Put time back into customers by using a smart system for your physical inventory count.

One of the most tedious aspects of a shop is the physical count of stocked inventory. Quid POS simplifies with options for a digital onsite count directly into a mobile device or a printout to enter items for convenient computer input. Keep this banal task to a minimum.

Are you using a Smart POS?

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